Talentnow is now CAYPRO

Simplified Hiring and Features Of CAYPRO

CAYPRO is an Applicant Tracking System built on intelligent, integrated and intuitive technology. It helps improve your sourcing and hiring process significantly, easing the burden on your Human Resource Team.

It comes with an advanced, integrated CRM that assists you maintain the perfect Client-Relationship. It has auto-integration of multiple features and an advanced search engine to provide you the result instantaneously.

Highlights of CAYPRO are listed below: 

  1. IMAP and Email parsing feature- CAYPRO comes with an IMAP and Email parsing feature that syncs the ATS with your email inbox. You no longer have to browse the inbox to pull out candidates’ data or resumes as it will be automatically extracted and saved within the ATS. It also enables extraction of past CVs through IMAP that can range greater a year.\
  2. Career Page sync up with ATS- The Career Page of your Company Website can be seamlessly synced with the ATS that will enable resumes and CVs directly dropped within the ATS.
  3. Own logo and theme- You can use our platform and make it your own! CAYPRO allows you to customize and use your own logo and theme to establish the brand of your company.
  4. Multiple job boards- CAYPRO comes with the feature of adding multiple job boards for different roles and profiles which can be linked and interconnected without hassle.
  5. Text message and WhatsApp feature- Our ATS permits you to send text and WhatsApp messages without having you leave our platform.
  6. CareerBuilder -CAYPRO also equips you to sync your CareerBuilder profile with the ATS and candidates can be searched directly through the ATS.
  7. Sync with LinkedIn Jobs- With CAYPRO’s platform, you can also sync the ATS with your LinkedIn Jobs that enables you to post and extract candidates’ resumes.
  8. Plug-Ins-  Plug-ins are available within our platform which can be synced and integrated, including Naukri, Monster or several other Google Apps.
  9. Duplication check of candidate data- Our ATS ensures that no duplicate candidate is entered in the system. It enables the duplication check to retain the information accurately quantified.
  10. Background Verification Check- CAYPRO is integrated with cFIRST that allows the background verification check of a particular candidate to be conducted. The process can be initiated with a click on the platform of CAYPRO.

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